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Oakland Raiders.

Yes, this is a blog about them, so I'm sure I will get some hate comments based on this being about the Raiders.  The raiders will make a comeback and maybe even win the AFC West.

For the last couple of years Oakland has been the bottom of the AFC West. (not last year 3rd place)

They have the players to do the job.

They have a coach that actually wants to win games and calls plays to win them.  Rex Ryan has been calling prevent D plays once Oakland gets the lead, but it stopped when Cable took over.

They have (finally) added some depth in the QB position and (finally) a veteran to help JaMarcus's growth as a player.

The D is good, despite some setbacks such as losses as Gibril Wilson, and Kalimba Edwards they are a great D. They don't get the respect they deserve because of the bad play calling and the absurd time they have to spend on the field.

They also have the strongest kicker, and the best punter, paired with a good returner.

The Raiders lost their center Jake Grove, who was replaced by the Dolphins center Samson Satele who is a better fit in their power run O, as well as a new LT in Kalif Barnes, he was bad last season, but the entire Jaguars team was, I expect Barnes to if not turn it around he'll do better than Kwame Brown.

Also accquired the power blocking FB Lorenzo Neal, which should greatly help McFadden, Bush and Fargas greatly.

The WR's are the biggest question mark of course, with either a new or washed up face in that position people have many questions.

Javon Walker=washed up, but could contribute something or turn things around but the chances of that are almost a miracle but hey it could happen, the dolphins were the Lions the other year.

DHB= He's a speedster with something to prove, he could prove everyone wrong or be DeAngelo Hall.

Johnny Lee Higgins= The best out of the bunch, showing improvement each game and is a good return man.  I expect him to jump up in the depth chart and become a threat as time goes on and he gets more experience.

Zach Miller is a huge bright spot, leading in recptions and yards last year, he might go over 1000 yards this year, one of the most underrated TE's in the game.

bring on the bashing, i'll leave some holes so I can reply in the comments
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Packers D best in NFL ....but?

Every position in the Packers 3-4 defensive scheme seems perfect, Charles Woodson and Al Harris might be getting old but what they lose in speed they make up for in toughness, opposing teams hate how much they get jammed by this duo. The nickel back Tramon Williams showed great prowess as a starter when Woodson had to pick up the slack for Atari Bigby while he was injured.

Nick colins has proven himself as one of the elite FS in the league putting up great int #'s and also great swarming the ball to stop runs. Bigby is a small problem who can be fixed either with Aaron Rouse the backup FS who played great there when needed or by keeping Bigby healthy, I'd prefer Rouse personally because he's better in coverage and despite not being as hard a hitter as Bigby he can still hit hard.

The new linebacking core should be more than solid with Kampman moving to the outside creating a DeMarcus Ware type of blitz, Nick Barnett still leading the Pack's D and being in a better position to make plays in the middle as well as on the outside on his side and on coverage. A.J Hawk has been criticized to be not living up to potential and such but he is good at his position he wasn't ready to lead last year but this year he will have some experience at middle linebacker and will have help from Nick Barnett. So the middle should be covered and stuffed with their agile smart play coupled with their tackling ability. And finally we will have the new rookie Clay Matthews playing outside who is unproven but is said to be able to have great pass rushing ability and should be able to cover the pass so I am expecting him to be as good as or better than A.J Hawk and that's saying alot. If he can make good fake blitzes and transition them with great coverage he will be invaluable to GB.

The line has now only 3 people, but hopefully has depth which was key to GB's success in 2007. Cullen Jenkins was injured last year but expect him to be back in full force, he has shown the ability to rush the QB and clog holes with his strength and size behind him is Jeremy Thomson who is a solid choice backup that didn't help too much with the pass rush but kinda helped with stopping the run. The DT positon or should I say NT position is anchored down with size depth and ability. B.J Raji was a huge score in the draft and should spell Ryan Pickett in the NT position or maybe even beat him out and become a rookie starter like clay matthews. This is where the question is. What to do with the other end position, We have Johnathan Jolly and Justin Harrell, Neither have been exceptional but hopefully one of these two can prove themselves at the DE spot or Harrell becomes a first round backup, or might not even make the roster in the later years, and to think we could have had a dynamic tight end duo in Greg Olson and Donald Lee.

Tell me what you think
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